Budget Setup

To set your vivo budget up go to Setup in the right hand corner, then click budget. 


Click on the budget tab: 


When you click on the budget tab you are able to edit the budget details from here. 

You can change the start and end date of your budget start date and how many vivos are available to staff. The auto award budget is linked to attendance. 

If your school is happy with it, click the "Allow staff to reward even if budget is exceeded." If not, please select the "automatically stop rewarding if budget is exceeded button."

If you would like some help with your budget, click the tools tab and there is a budget wizard excel spreadsheet available. 


Enter in different budget totals and it will work out the formula for you to enter back in the the budget section. (2nd tab) 

Don't worry this is quite a tricky process, even for some of us @ vivo (who are not the best at Maths) find it difficult! If you get stuck please phone your Engagement Manager and we can advice you on the best budget for your school. 

Thanks! Vivo 




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