Setup Auto Attendance

1. Click ‘setup’.

2. Click ‘Auto Attendance’.

3. Select the first drop down box to ‘Active.’ 




4. "Rewards issued by" We recommend using the "admin" for this.

5. Tick the boxes of the year groups you want reward for attendance/punctuality.



**The issuers budget comes from the budget settings (go to setup, budget tab, budget to edit this) See below page


6. Enter the amount of Vivos you wish to award for attendance and punctuality.

7. Click ‘Save’.

NB: You need to make sure that the Maximum possible weekly award (see below in right hand corner) is less than or equal to the Issuers budget per week amount. 

When you enter in the vivo total into the boxes next to 100% attendance the number will change in the bottom right hand corner. 


8. This module runs on a weekly basis capturing attendance and punctuality data for morning and afternoon registration – it rewards a week in lieu


Thanks! Vivo 


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