How do I manage the vivo budget?

1. Click ‘Setup’

2. Click ‘Budget’

3. Click on the ‘Budget’ tab

4. Select a start date (This must be a Monday)

5. Select an end date (This must be a Sunday) Once you know how much you would like to budget between the start date and the end date you must then decide how you would like to split this budget between Vivos available to staff and Vivos to set aside for the automatic attendance award.

6. Enter the amount of Vivos you want to have available to staff

7. Enter the amount of Vivos you want to the auto attendance award to have (if using this feature) Both of these entries should add up to the total amount you want to award for the period you have set as your budget.

 *To help you calculate all aspects of your budgetary requirements for Vivo, please refer to the ‘Budget Wizard Spreadsheet’ under ‘Tools’

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