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• Make use of Staff Rewarding Statistics to ensure budgets are being used.

Put Heads of Year/Department/House in charge of encouraging their departments to reward their weekly allocation.

• Make it school policy that ALL staff budgets are to be used on a weekly basis and make Vivo usage part of staff performance appraisals.

• Put Vivo on the agenda in every staff meeting to keep its profile high. Generate system reports to demonstrate positive impact, discuss usage and encourage feedback.

• Make use of system Screen Messages to communicate with staff. • Gently remind staff to reward with the budget reminder email functionality within Configurations. •

Inform parents and guardians of their child’s progress by utilising the Vivo parent module.

• Add a link to the Vivo website on the school’s intranet and the Vivo logo to desktops for all staff members as a visual reminder. •

Recognize and promote strong staff usage by publishing usage statistics in the staff room.

• Employ student ambassadors to distribute shop purchases/prizes in class time or give these items out in assemblies so other students can see what can be bought with their Vivos.

• Use the Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates to recognize Vivo Achievers.

• Encourage healthy eating choices by providing kitchen staff with credit vouchers to issue to students who select healthy options at lunch.

• Be available for termly catch ups with your Vivo Account Manager. Regular communication is vital to ensure you are kept up to date on any system and procedural enhancements and new ideas on best practice.

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