SIMs Integration Guide

This guide walks through the process of installing, configuring and running the VivoSIMS application that automatically synchronises school data found in SIMS to the Vivo Miles system.

An appendix to this guide details the data that is transferred in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Software Version: 1.8.8 Date: August 2013

Attached to the original email you would have found a number of files, included in this is a SIMS report definition file. (Vivomiles-v1.rptdef) you will need to download this to your server. This would need to be imported into SIMS you can do this simply by following these easy steps.

 Login to SIMS.

 Select reports from the tool bar.

 Select import from file.

 Browse to where you have saved the file and select import.

This will import the Vivo Miles reports into SIMS, which you can then access at any time and are required for the overnight export of data.

Please note: The SIMS user account that is used with the VivoSIMS application must have the below user rights.

Failure to do so will result in the incorrect data pulling through to your Vivo account!

Third Party Reporting Class Teacher Attendance Operator Personnel Assistant Download the application You can download the VivoSIMS application from the URL below.

The application is designed to run on Windows Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012. URL:

Installation The installer has been set with standard configuration variables; however, you can modify these in the setup wizard. This application must be installed on the SIMS server.

Configuration The application consists of 7 navigation tabs across the top of the window. The ‘MAIN’ tab, gives you an overview of the application, however, functionality on this tab is not enabled until the forms on the other tabs have been setup. V

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