I would like vivo to add a charity for fundraising

Please note that only Vivo administrators at your school can add a charity. 

Vivo has around 20 well-known charities that already are populated with the info and can be switched on. If you would like your students to have access to all the charities. Please let us know.  

First, of all, go to the Tab on the right-hand corner "SETUP" and click on "MODULES"


Then scroll down to Fundraising and click "manage" 


Click on the Add Event tab. 

Click ‘add event’.


Fill in the boxes and click the green add button at the bottom.


(make sure you put admin as your coordinator) 


Once you click add you will see this page. 

Click on edit images. 

Upload your pictures. (ONE at a time and click UPLOAD) (The icon image does not show in Edge atm so don't worry about this one) 


Click "back to event profile"

Click Activate this event on the page.

If you click on "events" tab, it should be added to your list of charities.  


If you want to see what it looks like, Click browse users at the top and log in as a user. Go to the donate to charity section on the me view and you will be able to see it live! 



If you would like to edit the target amount for the fundraising event, first click "edit target",



Add fundraising total in the box below and click update. 


 Click "UPDATE" at the bottom.

Then the target amount will show on the charity profile page.

Good luck with your fundraising! 


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