1. Select the ‘Year Groups’ tab.

2. Click ‘manage permissions’.

3. Select the year groups you want to use the module.

4. Click ‘update’.

5. Click ‘configure’.

6. Enter the start date you want the certificates to run from.

7. Enter the thresholds you want to value bronze, silver and gold at.

8. Click ‘Save’.

In order to generate certificates you will need to:

1. Click the ‘about’ tab.

2. Click ‘generate new certificates’.

You will then need to select which certificate you wish to generate. You will notice there is a certificate entitled generic. This is certificate where you can specify a threshold that hasn’t been pre-set to gold, silver or bronze.

1. Select who you want to produce certificates for. 2. Click ‘next’ (if you are producing a generic certificate remember to select a threshold).

3. You will then see the students eligible for certificates.

4. Click ‘Generate’. You also have functionality to generate certificates from your homepage. This will also show you when students are close to the threshold.

5. Click on ‘Home’ and scroll down the page until you see the certificate section.


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