Eportal Single Sign on

This guide takes you through how to enable the Single Sign-on service for Advanded Learning’s Facility with Vivomiles.com.


To enable the Single Sign-on functionality in ePortal you will be required to change two files within the ePortal configuration XMLs.

Once these have been set and you have provided Vivo miles with a list of usernames that you wish to use, along with their appropriate mappings (this is usually the first and last names), you will be able to use the Single Sign-on functionality.

Step 1: Edit the file c:\Facility\ePortal\webapps\eportal\conf\menus.xml to add a menu item for Vivo miles to ePortal. Locate this segment and either uncomment it or copy and paste a new xml block underneath. To read... Partners Partners Vivo Miles Click to launch Vivo Miles PortalServreqtype=externalSingleSignOn&partnername=Vivo+Miles ePortal Single

Sign On Step 2: Edit the file c:\Facility\ePortal\webapps\eportal\conf\settings.xml to link the new menu item to our remote single sign on page (autologin.php) Perspective Angel Solutions http://localhost:8080/eportal/PortalServ?reqtype=partnerpageoutput To read... Vivo Miles https://www.vivomiles.com/autologin.php?.pc=FACILITY&.dest=%2Fstaff%2Fmembers.php&.pi d=HASH Where HASH should be replaced by your School’s unique hash value as available from this page. https://www.vivomiles.com/staff/configure.import.facility.php

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