Facility: achievement and behaviour behaviour guide

If your school rewards Achievement & Behaviour points through Facility using the Behaviour Management Module, it is possible for Vivo to automatically import the points and transfer them as Vivos into your student’s accounts. This would need to be set up with your Data Manager and the points would automatically pull from Facility into Vivo on a nightly basis. This guide walks through the process of how points made in the Facility Behaviour Management Module can be automatically transferred onto Vivo. 1) Vivo pulls one file for both achievement (positive points) and behaviour (negative points). 2) Vivo pulls this file, but if the school would like, Vivo will process points from only one (i.e. if the school wishes to reward Vivos for achievement but not behaviour or the other way around). 3) There are 3 different styles of rewarding in Facility itself (ask your data manager about these) (a) Fixed award value: Where every record is worth a set number of Vivos (b) Multi-action: Transaction created for every "action type" recorded against the event. Each action (defined at the school) carries the number of points to convert into Vivos ie. One record might carry the action types "Community - 5" and "Helping fellow pupils - 10", which would create one transaction for 5 Vivos and one for 10 (c) Multi variable behaviour: creates one transaction for each behaviour type recorded against an event but the number of points to use is deduced from the "severity" value of the event record itself (a number between 1 and 5) Option b is the most popular as most behaviour records only have one action type recorded against them. We can also set a multiplier value in the database (default value is one) so that the points on each transaction are multiplied by the multiplier allowing awards to be scaled up- i.e. using option 3 (1-5 severity value), a multiplier of 5 gives award values in the range 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 4) Positive points pulled into Vivo display the comment made in Facility in the student’s Vivo account. 5) Negative comments are not displayed in Vivo. 6) All achievement/behaviour points pulled from Facility use the unique teacher’s ID. This means that if Mr Smith were to reward a student in Facility, his name would be displayed as the awarder in the student’s account. 7) As all rewards are made to students from the teacher’s accounts, reports in Vivo will show valid statistics in terms of staff usage and rewarding patterns. 8) Rewards budgets cannot be set within Facility. The budget would need to be controlled/managed in Facility on a weekly basis. If this account has a weekly budget of 100 Vivos and 110 points are rewarded in Facility in the week, Vivo will pull through awards for the 110. 9) The overall Vivo budget also needs to be monitored closely by the school to make sure that the total number of Vivos purchased does not run out completely, if these are running low then more will need to be purchased from Vivo in order for the rewards to continue to be transferred from Facility to Vivo

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