Integris Integration Guide & Consent Form

This guide walks through how you can integrate your Integris MIS with Vivo so that it will automatically synchronise school data found in Integris to the Vivo Miles system.

In order to integrate with Vivo you will be required to fill out the ‘Integris Integration and Consent Form’. This will give us access to your MIS for synchronisation of your data with Vivo. Please note that on the form, the supplier is ‘Vivo Rewards Ltd’ and the product is ‘Vivo Miles’, these details should be entered in the attached document under the ‘Product details’ section. Once you have completed the attached form, please post or fax this to RM. On receipt of the form, RM will grant us access to your school’s data. Please forward any correspondence you receive from RM about this to us so we can set this up as soon as possible. RM will send you a username and password, please forward these to us so we can set up the integration. Once we have the user details it should take no more than 24 hours for the integration to be completed. The sooner you are integrated, the more time we have to iron out any issues before we train your Vivo administrators on the system and they launch it to your staff and students.

Please click here to download the consent form 


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