Setting up the vivo shop

1. Click on the introduction text box to type in a welcome note that students will see when they log into the Vivo shop.

2. In the drop down box below, select who will be the shop manager (the list will only show admin staff). 3. Click ‘Update’.

4. Select the ‘Year Groups’ tab.

5. Click ‘manage permissions’.

6. Select the year groups you want to use the module.

7. Click ‘update’.

8. Click on the link entitled ‘browse selected products’. This section is where you can sensor which products are available to students.

9. Optional: Click ‘remove from catalogue’ to remove an item from the Vivo Shop. Adding your own products:

10. Click the link entitled ‘browse all available products’.

11. Click ‘add new product’.

12. Fill in the text box making them relevant to the product you want to upload.

13. It is essential that you upload an image otherwise you will not be able to add a new product

14. Select the years you do not wish to see the item.

15. Click ‘update’.

16. Click on the ‘catalogue’ tab.

17. Click 'Would you like to add now?’.

18. Enter the price you wish to value the item at.

19. Click ‘Submit’.

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