SIMS troubleshooting & reconnection guide

This guide walks through the process of reconnecting the link between your server and the Vivo server, using the VivoSIMS application. You may have noticed on return from a school break (end of term; half term) that old class lists may still be showing on Vivo. This may be due to essential IT works done at your school or that your servers have been shut down. In order for us to receive the new student and staff data, we require the connection to be reestablished. In order to do this, simply follow the below steps: 1) Go to (default location on SIMS server) C:\Program files(x86)\SIMS\SIMS .net 2) Locate the connect.ini file and open it 3) Check that this is pointing to the SIMS database and not being redirected 4) If it is being redirected, please copy the connect.ini file from the (default S:\) drive over, as this should be pointing to the SIMS database 5) Load up the VivoSIMS app 6) Go to the ‘Network’ tab and un-tick the ‘Use Network Commands box’; then click ‘Save’ 7) Select the “Main” tab 8) Click on the “Schedule Task” button 9) In the window that pops up, please type in your DOMAIN\ADMIN account and PASSWORD, and then click “Ok” – This account needs both domain and local admin rights otherwise the task will fail 10) At the bottom, the latest log message should read “Batch Scheduled” (this part is important) 11) Lastly, please can you click on the ‘Run Manually’ button and let the app send us the data (the latest log message will read ‘uploading has finished’ once complete) If you have upgraded your servers (or installed new ones) you will need re-install the VivoSIMS software. Please reference the ‘VivoSIMS integration guide’ for this.

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