Moodle single sign on

The Vivo block allows users to SSO (single sign on) through the Moodle VLE interface negating the need for additional Vivo specific login details.

1) Please download the attached zip file and unzip it to your Moodle/blocks of your Moodle install directory.

2) Visit your admin page (http://your_moodle_address/admin/index.php) to complete the installation.

3) Click the Upgrade Moodle database now; this should then take you to the next section.

4) You will need to enter in the PID for your school: ******** Please enter this into the School ID field (This can be obtained from Moodle: Vivo block guide You will also need to fill in your Active directory domain name if this is not already entered.

5) Lastly, we will need to be provided with the SSO ID’s of each of your users as this is required for both staff and students; these would need to be sent as a .csv file in the following format. STAFF Title | Forename | Surname | Gender | SSO ID STUDENT Title | Forename | Surname | Gender | UPN | Year | SSO ID 6) We will then import this information into Vivo for you to so we can allow both Students and Staff to login via Moodle. 0 2 0 7 0 2 5 6 1 3 0 2 n d F

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