Single Sign on RM unify

The VivoMiles app block allows users to SSO (single sign on) through the RM Unify VLE interface negating the need for additional Vivo specific login details.

Step 1. Please go to and enter your username and password

Step 2. Click on the App Library link

Step 3. If VivoMiles is not there please enter this into the search bar and click Go Then please click on the Install button for the VivoMiles app


Step 4. Tick all relevant boxes and then Install RM Unify: VivoMiles app guide


Step 5. Select Return to your Launch Pad


Step 6. Click on the VivoMiles app

Step 7. Once the user has selected the VivoMiles app, their first instance will take them to an SSO login page where they will need to enter their Vivo credentials once only.

This will link the users Vivo account to their RM Unify account Once the accounts are linked, the user will be taken to their Vivo Dashboard page. Please note: If the user logs out of Vivo, they will be logged out of RM Unify and vice versa (logging out of RM Unify will log the user out of Vivo).

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