SiMs achievement and Behaviour Guide

If your school rewards Achievement & Behaviour points through SIMs, and links this to Vivo, we have amended the way in which this process now works. Please read through the below and amend staff weekly budgets in Vivo accordingly. If you have any queries, please contact your Account Manager.

1) Vivo pulls two separate files, one for achievement (positive points), and one for behaviour (negative points) from SIMS.

2) Vivo pulls both files, but if the school would like, Vivo will process points from only one (i.e. if the school wishes to reward Vivos for achievement but not behaviour or the other way around).

3) Vivo can pull points from any date your school chooses. Even if the school only started using Vivo in October, if it was decided that you would like to populate all student accounts with their SIMs points from the beginning of the academic year then this would need to be confirmed in writing to your Vivo Account Manager and they would set up this up.

4) The scoring system is 1 achievement point in SIMS = 1 Vivo and 1 behaviour point in SIMS = -1 Vivo.

5) Positive points pulled into Vivo display the comment made in SIMS in the student’s Vivo account.

6) Negative comments are not displayed in Vivo.


7) All achievement points pulled from SIMS will display the staff name and are linked to the staff accounts on Vivo. You will need to make sure that staff have enough Vivos in their weekly budget to cover all the achievement points they add in SIMS – For instance, if a staff account in Vivo has a weekly budget of 100 Vivos and they award 110 achievement points through in SIMS in the week, Vivo will only pull through awards for the first 100 points rewarded that week. When the new week and budget start, Vivo would process the remaining 10, as well as any new rewards made in SIMS in the week up until the 100 weekly budget is reached again and so on each week. Staff weekly budgets should be monitored regularly to make sure that all rewards made in SIMS are being transferred into Vivo. If these are failing, then staff weekly budgets will need to be increased. 8) Because staff accounts in SIMS and Vivo are linked, it is possible to check staff usage of achievement points through the reporting suite in the Vivo Admin accounts. Please contact if you would like to know how to do this.

9) Unlike achievement points, all behaviour points pulled from SIMS use a default awarder setup in Vivo. This means that if Mr Smith and Mrs Jones were to reward a student separately in SIMS, the account name that is displayed to the student will be the name of the school, not their individual names. 10) The overall Vivo budget also needs to be monitored closely by the school to make sure that the total number of Vivos purchased does not run out completely, if these are running low then more will need to be purchased from Vivo in order for the rewards to continue to be transferred from SIMS – Vivo.

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