About Vivo

About Vivo

Vivo Miles is fully-customisable recognition and rewards platform for schools with 1.4M users across over 500 schools in the UK and Australia. It enables schools to define criteria for praise and then teachers award their students electronic points called Vivos. Vivos can be spent on a number of gifts from a catalogue, donated to charity or used to qualify students for benefits.

Vivo makes teachers’ jobs easier and learning more fun by adding an element of gamification.

Benefits include:

  • Improved overall school performance by engaging and motivating students.
  • Easy for school managers to reward, report and demonstrate results.
  • Behaviours can be determined by your school and matched to your school’s ethos.
  • Increased parental involvement.
  • Integration with MIS systems.
  • Integration with other e-learning platforms such as SAM Learning and Frog to drive login.

Vivo schools report dramatic improvements in behaviours, performance, attendance and engagement. Out of 500 schools currently using Vivo:

  • 96% report an improvement in Academic Performance.
  • 83% report an improvement in Attendance.
  • 93% report an improvement in Behaviour.


Vivos has proved to be a highly motivational tool to support us in ensuring our students fulfil their potential

Margaret Beaumont, Business Manager, Collegiate High School

Vivo has transformed our college’s approach to rewards. The possibilities with the system are endless and students and staff alike have been delighted by how easy and effective it is to use. With vivo every student gets a look in – it’s fair and fabulous!

Hannah Fox, Drama and AST Teacher, Thomas Bennett Community College

How does it work?


Criteria and categories for allocation of rewards are set by the school. Teachers are provided with a budget for awarding Vivo points  each week.



Teachers award Vivos using a simple 3 Clicks to Reward process. Students login to check their Vivo points and redeem them in the Vivo shop.



Administrators have access to real-time statistics on student usage and staff usage, to monitor that rewarding is transparent, fair and consistent.

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