Tip of the Month - The VivoMeStore

Hi, the CST here with some more exciting news from Vivo HQ!

We think it's high time we gave you an update about the VivoMeStore. Recently, we have added lots of exciting new items that we think your students will love.

On top of this, we will be releasing a new feature soon where students will be able to use their vivos towards items in the VivoMeStore! They will be able to save up their vivos and use them as a discount for bigger, more expensive items. A great way to help keep students engaged!

For those of you unsure of what this store is, feel free to head to www.vivomestore.com to find out.

Well, that's all from us in the CST department. We hope you have a great break and look forward to speaking to you all in the new year.



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